After all, for the buyer, it is mainly about the best price. Especially if a product is offered at different retailers. Think of a TV, smartphone, or tablet. Also read: Black Friday: how to create perfect Google Ads campaigns Benefits to start Namibia Phone Number List your deals earlier Now you may be wondering: what’s in it for me? The purchase intention is already very high.

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By publishing your deals earlier, you reach a larger group of potential buyers. We recommend publishing your deals one week before Black Friday. This year, this holiday falls on November 26, so November 19 your deals can go live. Advertising costs are highest on the Black Friday weekend. So it pays to start promoting your deals earlier. This way you get more out of your marketing budget . In the orientation phase, potential buyers look and compare.

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Namibia Phone Number List
Namibia Phone Number List

So start announcing your actions early. Once you’ve published your deals, you can use organic social media posts and paid campaigns to promote the deals. Tip: make sure you save visitors to your website in a retargeting list so that you can draw their attention to your actions with retargeting campaigns on, for example, Facebook, Google, and Instagram at a later time. Shops and webshops with a large assortment can choose to offer a different deal every day.

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