It functions like the pole star that has been guiding sailors around the world for thousands of years. Such a pole star ambition answers two questions: What is the reason for our existence? What unique added value do we offer our Senegal Phone Number List customers? Lesson 2. Work with a passionate team Then: At the height of the Apollo program, more than 400,000 people from some 20,000 companies and from a large number of institutes and universities worked together to put the first man.

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The shared ambition acted like a magnet, pulling everyone involved in the right direction. Now: Every company needs a competent core team. A close-knit team with people who like to work together for a better result and at the same time help others in their environment to grow. You cannot invest enough in those kinds of people, because they are the carriers and multipliers of your organization’s DNA. They provide the right spirit, continuity, and growth.

Senegal Phone Number List
Senegal Phone Number List

In good and bad times. Lesson 3. Set ambitious goals periodically Then: Kennedy set the bar high and made it clear in his speeches that he was aware of that too. At the same time, he also gave perspective and confidence that the goal was achievable by clearly outlining the way to get there. He also committed the necessary resources to achieve the ambitious goal.

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