Which has the power to transmit information faster and Barbados Email List more accurately, in addition to delighting people. Don’t forget this when building your marketing reports ! 6. Not having organization Marketing Analytics requires organization. You handle thousands of data from multiple sources and from multiple time periods to analyze different marketing strategies. Do you see the complexity? So you need to organize yourself. For example, define criteria Barbados Email List  for grouping data, adopt naming conventions for marketing campaigns and channels, and have a regular calendar to monitor metrics. Attitudes like these help organize Marketing Analytics routines. What are the main tools? Using tools is not mandatory, but they optimize Marketing Analytics. That’s why it’s important to know what are the main tools you can use. The Google Analytics is a data analysis platform better known and used , to be quite robust even in the free version. In the Marketing Tools Lactam Barbados Email List  2019 survey , Google Analytics appeared as the main data collection and management tool (Barbados Email List of companies use it).

How to configure data tracking

But, in addition to GA, there are several other tools to analyze the performance of strategies Barbados Email List and better understand your audience in different channels. Here are some of them: Web analytics: Google Analytics , Adobe Analytics . Behavior analysis: Hotjar , Crazy Egg . Testing and optimization: Optimizely , Google Optimize . SEO: Barbados Email List Google Search Console , SEMrush , Ahrefs . Social networks: Facebook Insights , Quintly , SocialBakers . Email marketing: MailChimp , GetResponse . CRM: Salesforce , RD Station . Competitor Analysis: SEMrush , SimilarWeb . Data visualization: Barbados Email List  Google Data Studio , Tableau , Cyfe . How to apply Marketing Analytics in your company? Now, let’s go deeper into the practice of Marketing Analytics, from setting up data tracking to data driven decision making. Follow: Setting up data tracking is an essential step in Marketing Analytics. After all, you need complete and reliable data to do a good analysis . That said, let’s now introduce some important concepts for tracking. They refer to settings and codes that you must install Barbados Email List  on your website to track user activities against your strategies.

Google offers a URL builder for this

Check out: Use UTM parameters UTM parameters are tags Barbados Email List  that you can add to your website’s URLs to identify traffic sources. You can set parameters for source (utm_source), media (utm_medium) and campaign (utm_campaign). If the user clicks on your company’s summer campaign on Facebook, for example, the URL could look like this: www . example . with /? UTM _ source = facebook &utm_medium= social &utm_campaign= Barbados Email List  summer Install tag manager The tag manager (or tag manager) is a free Google tool to facilitate the installation and management scripts from a website. These codes are entered on the website to track users’ activities. The Google Analytics tag, for example, is what allows you to track all the visit data you see in the tool. Another example is the Google Barbados Email List  Ads and Facebook Ads remarketing tag, which allows you to identify which users have been on a page and create remarketing campaigns. Install tracking pixels The tracking pixel is also code installed on the website to allow tracking of user activity or conversions.

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