Perhaps your operation has been greatly impacted Cyprus Email Addresses by all of this, or perhaps you have adapted well to the new way of working. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed and that, more than ever, requires attention: your customer . Whether he is a Cyprus Email Addresses  company or an end consumer. Your organization needs to know, in the case of B2B business , how the customer is suffering the impacts of the crisis and what is their role in this. In the case of B2C business , it is important to know how your customer’s routine was impacted. Think about the following: Cyprus Email Addresses  Is he working from home? Did it have an impact on the family’s direct income? Is he in need of a new job? And most importantly, how can you help in all these scenarios? Take the opportunity now to discover the strengths and weaknesses and have an overview of the customer’s market. Be who will help you resolve the new situations that are happening. Know your customer Hear what he has to say.

Before the whole crisis started

Only then will it be possible to understand Cyprus Email Addresses  what he expects of you in the situation you are facing. Understand his reality and enjoy the opening given by him. It’s a time for genuine rapport and listening, as people are in the most need to share and you can be the listener they need. Listening can provide valuable insights. You need to truly know the customer’s Cyprus Email Addresses  needs and build a trusting relationship if you haven’t already. And even in businesses where the relationship with the customer is not long-lasting, be ready to get closer and make yourself available using the means you have, such as social networks and WhatsApp. Exchange experiences. Not only listen, but also talk about the moment you are going through and show empathy. Let the customer know how important they are and how much you value them. And reflect: how have I acted so far? How well did you know your customer Cyprus Email Addresses ? If you knew a little more, how much would it help you to be closer to him now

Focus on knowing who your customer is going forward

How to help the client to be successful Cyprus Email Addresses  in crisis scenarios? How valuable would it be to you at this point in time for your entire active customer base to do business with you? Philip Kotler already said that “retaining customers can be 5 to 7 Cyprus Email Addresses  times more economical than investing in new customers” . In times of crisis, most companies have the brakes on their business. After all, there is a concern with the financial issue in all sectors, from large to small businesses. Everyone is looking for a way to save money and be more profitable Cyprus Email Addresses even end users are reviewing budgets and tightening their belts. On the other hand, when a customer is loyal to your brand, you’re often not remembered at cutbacks. After all, when you’re  Cyprus Email Addresses relevant enough to help your client get the result he expects,

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