The collected data can therefore be used in this way for marketing purposes. This all happens in the browser (client-side). From the client-side, the data is sent directly to the relevant platform. Also, read Online privacy & tracking: you Kuwait Phone Number List should know these techniques and changes Server-side tag management For a while it is also possible to do this on the server-side.

Then Forwarded from your server

It then no longer all goes through the browser, but first through its own server (database) in the cloud. So on the side of the website owner. You, therefore, add an extra layer in the process, as it were, and thus manage your own data. The data can then be sent from your server to the final destination. As I mentioned earlier: for example Google Analytics, Microsoft Ads, or Facebook.

Kuwait Phone Number List
Kuwait Phone Number List

This allows you to choose which data you forward to third parties and you can better guarantee the privacy of your website users. The big difference between client-side and server-side tagging In principle, the name says it all: with client-side pixels, the code is on the side of the website user. When someone visits a website or webshop, a piece of code is loaded in the browser

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