The owner or person responsible for the site must Comoros Email List  be made available , preferably on an institutional page, such as “About Us”. Credibility In this attribute, the evaluation is centered on the quality of the content , mainly on cited data or studies, which must be reliable and present links to the main sources. Technical and scientific terms can help demonstrate expertise, Comoros Email List  but they should be accompanied by explanations or popular words if the material is intended for lay audiences. In addition, it is important that the company and its authors are well referenced in their areas , which on the internet is generally verified through backlinks, profiles in respected aggregators such as Wikipedia, and quotes (phrases, name or phone number) in different websites. How to work SEO on health sites? Comoros Email List  10 tips to rank better! No SEO practice offers isolated solutions. In the following guidelines, you will notice that each technique is related and works as a complement to others and, therefore, each detail is essential .

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Talk about your organization (Comoros Email List ) Health websites need to make it as clear as possible to users and search engines that they are real and trustworthy organizations. Therefore, it is important that your website presents: registration and credentials: CNPJ and main activity of the company, or formation, registration and function of the responsible professional (in the footer or on an institutional page); contact information: Comoros Email List  address, email and telephone (at the bottom or on the “Contact” page); clarification of how the website works: if you work with registrations, subscriptions or other functions; institutional page: “About Us”, “The Company”, “Biography” etc. Institutional pages are those whose focus is you, in the case of a personal website, Comoros Email List  or your company. Take advantage of this space to talk about your career, your company’s history, your values, your achievements and so on.

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Create profiles for your authors Comoros Email List  (Authors EAT) Continuing the EAT attributes, we have optimizations aimed at website authors, especially professionals or specialists. It is very important that the author’s credentials are displayed on the page , preferably at the top so that users immediately realize that they are reading material created by a competent personality. Please note that Google’s guidelines meet the guidelines in the Medical Comoros Email List Advertising Manual. In the example below, you can see that, in the “About the author” area, we have the name, area of ​​expertise, training and registration of the professional. Optimized author profile In addition to presenting information about the authors in their articles, it is interesting that they have Comoros Email List  a profile with detailed information about their career and their area of ​​expertise, as well as a list of the posts they have written. Blog author bio In WordPress .

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