If your brand or the professionals China Email Lists who publish on your blog are mentioned on other pages, especially on prestigious portals, the SEO of your health site can benefit. But beware: this does not mean that you should go out creating Wikipedia pages and making commercial partnerships indiscriminately. This may even violate the advertising rules established for your professional category. To obtain results in this aspect China Email Lists , it is necessary to invest in social actions, participate in events and, if necessary, integrate your Content Marketing with a Press Office . Align your pages to the Quality Raters’ Guidelines (QRG) The Quality Raters’ Guidelines , or just QRG, is a document provided by Google with a series of discussions on China Email Lists  good SEO practices. One of the main pieces of advice covered in it concerns the presentation of pages and sites: they must present a clear purpose or benefit.

In keeping with these and other principles

The QRG lists the characteristics of a high-quality page: China Email Lists  high level of EAT, whether on the website , or on the authors, articles and information present on the pages; considerable number of high quality core content; detailed information about the website owner or customer service if the main page includes financial transactions; website responsible for main content with good China Email Lists  web reputation. As you can see, if the above tips are well executed, you won’t have too many problems with your health site’s SEO. However, what most deserves our attention here are the bad practices cited by the QRG, in particular: poor quality main content: texts that are too short, lacking in depth and lack of coherence; neutral pages: layout, organization and data that does not clarify its purpose; exaggerated China Email Lists , shocking or sensationalist titles: this practice is even prohibited by the CFM; over advertising: ads distract the reader and make reading difficult.

Deliver specific solutions (Long Tail keywords)


The long tail keywords, or long tail,  China Email Lists are those with the highest number of words and that deal with specific subjects. They are an excellent guide for content production, especially for sites that are just starting out. After all, although they have a lower search volume, the competition for them in SERPs is much lower. Keywords long tail Thinking about an SEO strategy for health sites, China Email Lists  we have the following search examples: head tail (short tail): immune system; middle tail: strengthen the immune system; long tail: foods to strengthen the immune system. Ideally, your content production should encompass keywords of all types. But keep in mind that, when crafted well, long tails can be a powerful source of qualified traffic .  China Email Lists  Produce eligible content for featured snippets Featured snippets are Google’s highlighted results that bring up a summary — usually the first paragraph, images, or topics — of an article. Featured snippet on Google These results are a great reference for content production, as they tell us what the search engine expects.

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