They receive through printed and electronic media television internet and the images they encounter in their everyday life such as posters on the street Do you think that when people refer to photography they understand its different uses Or how much does that matter What is it that one asks from the art of photography and how does this differ from the consumption of the image that of advertising or television Is the way one separates and possibly reads or not the image a political issue How public is the image today Answers I am afraid that my answers to your questions will be negative and dismissive especially in so far as they concern the public opinion.

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The well known and distinguished art magazine. And this is because from the preface I disagree with the starting point the feasibility Remove Background Image and the value of a research like the one you are concerned about and I mean of course any similar research and not specifically this particular one. Art issues are fortunately so abstract and sensitive that they escape any entrapment in terminologies and categories. It is already so difficult to talk about art that if we do so with reference to categorized percentages we are misrepresenting an essence we do not know. I’m having a hard time understanding what you mean by they express themselves a lot through photography.

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The term higher social class and especially in Greece. Does the Survey Mean the Wealthy. Their Lifestyle Because at Least as Far as USA Phone List I Know. Greece Never Had an Aristocracy and One Can Hardly. Claim That It Had or Has a Large Bourgeoisie. And Who Designated the Other as a Member of Such. A Class Did Each Interviewee Place Themselves or Did the Researcher Decide and by What. Criteria at Least Membership in the Lower Social Class or Better. Group Could Be Based on Some More Tangible Criteria. But for the Superior the Boat Takes on Water.  Belongs to a Higher Educational Level I Assume the Research. Refers to a University Degree. But How Does This Relate to a Person’s. Relationship With Art Are Doctors Lawyers and Engineers Presumptively. Artistic and Now That Postgraduate Degrees of All Kinds Have Gained the Upper.

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