On the other hand, it is important that companies invest in no-code applications for data and marketing automation, Tag Manager, and a good CMS, says Bouke Vlierhuis (IT copywriter). ‘The collaboration is often complicated, but I don’t think it will improve Malaysia Phone Number List if marketers have more knowledge of development. With more respect for development and development processes.

Of Employees says Bouke

The marketer will program more and programming will become more accessible to others.’ How do you experience the collaboration? I am very curious how you, as a marketer or developer, experience collaboration with others? I myself am convinced that if we seek the connection with each other, we will work it out. Then there will automatically be more understanding and that will benefit the cooperation. Then you no longer just ask the other person something, because you then know the background.

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malaysia phone number

Above all, don’t forget that we need each other to build great things. What will you do next week to improve collaboration? Create a successful internal community In addition to the standard issues that employees encounter, digital working brings some additional challenges with it. If you want to learn more about new forms of collaboration, both offline and online, a handy training course can come in handy. Find out if it’s for you. Watch the workout here!

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