On WhatsApp, you need to take care of your profile image, ireland email database  the images you send and how they appear in the conversation (thumbnail). Even if you send a vertical or horizontal image (there is no limit to these dimensions), it appears square in the conversation. So, you have to pay attention to what the thumbnail shows. The app even offers WhatsApp Status, which works like Instagram stories. This function is still little used by companies, but it has potential. It’s worth testing. Below, check the size of the images ireland email database  for WhatsApp: Whastapp profile Profile Image:  Thumbnail of the image in the conversation: WhatsApp Status: 1080 x 1920 px Image size on Whatsapp Anyway, now you know the sizes of images for social networks you need to produce the content of your strategy in these channels . This is an essential part of Digital Marketing, as the online audience is increasingly consuming visual content. So, the images need to be ireland email database  well produced and aligned with the branding to convey what the brand wants to convey to its audience. Now, to go deeper, we have a complete material for your brand to rock social media.

How Python Can Automate Your SEO Strategy

Python is one of the hottest languages ireland email database  ​​in the programming world. However, lately, we have seen that technology is invading other areas as well. Also, the fact that one of the applications is, precisely, artificial intelligence means that companies are already learning to adopt the language to optimize decision making and obtain results aligned with the company’s objectives ireland email database  . This language is being used heavily in order to solve several companies’ problems in the web scenario, whether in developing systems that run on the internet, or in strategies to optimize pages for search results. In that sense, there is an extensive universe that specifically explores the use of Python for SEO. Thus, it is possible to improve Marketing and improve the strategy of attracting and conquering customers . ireland email database   Download our Social Media Marketing Kit now , with guides on the main platforms and an editorial calendar to organize your actions.

What is Python

Python is a programming language that ireland email database  was created by mathematician Guido Van Rossum and officially released in 1991. It is an open source technology, with a huge community of developers, which can be multiparadigm, that is, functional, structured or object-oriented. For this reason, it is considered a general purpose language. Its versatility is the result of two main facts: ireland email database  the first is that it is multiplatform, that is, it works well in several ecosystems. The second is that this programming pattern involves a huge library of functions, classes and patterns that can be used for different purposes. We will see, later, what exactly are the applications of the language. ireland email database  However, it is not only a technology for writing code, it also carries a development philosophy — which, in a way, explains its success.


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