We are increasingly having different educational experiences Dominican Republic Email List in the communities where we live. Where we go to church. Churches are increasingly places of people who are likeminded in their politics. There are all these different dimensions in which we are associating with those who share characteristics with us. And what that means, particularly because of the media, is that we don’t get any opportunity to engage with someone, except for Dominican Republic Email List n a kind of derisive and distanced way, who may look at an issue in a different perspective. The New York Times recently did a feature on partisan segregation. And it told us things we already know about the extent to which we’re segregated, that rural, or suburban ,Dominican Republic Email List or urban communities have different characters, that coastal versus flyover country has different characters.

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But what it told me that really shocked me was that within Dominican Republic Email List a particular geography, people had sorted themselves by neighborhood that had particular characters. It’s even when you walk the dog, when you walk into the corner store, we are being exposed to so many people who see the world just like us. Dan LeDuc: Well, that notion of our Dominican Republic Email List clumping together with likeminded folks has been something that’s come through in Pew Research Center findings over the last few years. Sue, you’ve been leading Pew for over a year now, but you have spent your entire professional life in nonpartisan research, so tell us your Dominican Republic Email List perspective. Susan K. Urahn, president and CEO, The Pew Charitable Trusts: Yes, I have spent my entire career in that triangle of research, and policy, and politics, and there’s always been polarization.


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There’s always been partisan politics, for sure, but it’s definitely Dominican Republic Email List gotten worse over time. And, certainly, the echo chamber of the media, and the jobs, and everything where you just talk to people who think the way you do has intensified it. And I think we see that in the research. For example, the Pew Research Center has done some polling showing that a lot of Americans, just about over half of them, would say that talking politics with Dominican Republic Email List somebody with whom they disagree is really stressful and really frustrating. So, there’s not a lot of incentive to go and do that. And, also, you get this sort of demonization happening, where it’s not only do you disagree with people. We have some interesting polling showing that just about Dominican Republic Email List 40% of both Republicans and Democrats not only disagree with people of the other party, but they think that they are a threat to the well-being of the country.

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