Google decided to punish pages with low quality Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List  content, which included practices like these: duplicated or copied content; keyword stuffing; automatically generated texts; pages with very little or no content; pages full of advertising rather than valuable content; “link farms” to generate more backlinks. Although it was released in 2011, several Panda updates have been made over the years and have penalized more sites . Penguin (Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List ) Launched in 2012 , Penguin affected about 3% of English search results within the first few days. Afterwards, it would go through several updates that stirred the Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List  SERP even more. By this time, Google was already aware of the importance of SEO. However, the company wanted to avoid the “super optimization” of the sites, which resulted in black hat practices. So Google Penguin was again targeting sites that didn’t follow its guidelines with Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List  low-quality content, which it sought to circumvent the algorithm.

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Hummingbird (2013) This 2013 update was more Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List  focused on improving search results than penalizing pages and sites. Starting with Hummingbird, pages no longer needed to match the exact keyword searched by the user. With the help  Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List of synonyms, the semantic field of the search term and the user’s search history, Google was already able to understand what he was searching for and deliver the right results. That way, a person searching for “laptop”, for example, could see results for the term “notebook” if they were relevant. This Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List  shows that Google has shifted focus from exact word to search semantics in order to deliver better responses . Google laptop search returns results with laptop Pigeon (Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List ) This update is the evolution of the algorithm for local searches. The algorithm now heavily considers the user’s location at the time of the search to deliver search results with local businesses .

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The search for a restaurant, for example, started to show results nearby, within the city or neighborhood where the person was. It is estimated that half of the sites went down on SERP, while small business pages went up, which gained space with local SEO . search for nearby restaurants Mobilegeddon (2015) A major update related to mobile search results was being announced. Finally, in 2015, Google launched what the market had been waiting for : Mobilegeddon. With this update, mobile-friendly sites gained more relevance in search results on smartphones and tablets. The intention was to improve the experience of mobile device users , who started to see more websites with responsive design , better usability and faster loading. In practice, the update did not have as much impact as many sites had already prepared for it.

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