5. Autonomy The hierarchical idea that the top thinks and then the employee executes no longer applies. Depending on your role and talent (not on your position), you as an employee have something to add at any time: ‘Who knows, may say so.’ Tile wisdom about leadership: “Who knows may say it.” The best attitude is: the best can say it and Bahrain Phone Number List that is not always the boss. This means that employees are more daring and that they can be more creative. 6. Self-expression Setting high standards for yourself and others can lead to less self-expression and spontaneity.

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This not only happens to people but also to organizations.  There, too, self-expression and spontaneity are sometimes hard to find. Man has become a homo economicus, a means of production. It is therefore not surprising that ADHD is on the rise. The lack of play and movement prevents children from expanding their energy. Tip: In addition to taking a siesta, creating moments of musing for good ideas to bubble up, he suggests the idea of ​​’thinking the other way around’ every now and then.

Bahrain Phone Number List
Bahrain Phone Number List

Instead of everything having to be done according to the rules, he suggests thinking like the customer for once. What would the customer want us to do? The final definition he gives: Your talents x your happy side x added value = (work) happiness. For me personally, this was the most valuable tip: Humans have talents and survival strategies. The latter is what you call your coping style. Coping is human. The trick is to use your talents as much as possible instead of your coping style under increasing pressure.

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