And that’s great because then you, your colleagues, or your managers can see whether it was a successful campaign or not. Achieve 4,000 product sales from the Christmas collection during Black Friday with an 800% ROAS in Google Ads. Drive 1,000,000 visitors to Taiwan Phone Number List the sales page in the webshop in December 2021, with Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads campaigns.

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A good objective does: it ensures that you set up campaigns with a sharp focus to achieve your goals. Be sure to share your objective with colleagues and other stakeholders. You will see your campaign come to life and get talked about. And you can get valuable ideas and feedback from that. This will also show you whether you need to set up new campaigns or whether you need to adjust current campaigns to achieve the desired result.

Taiwan Phone Number List
Taiwan Phone Number List

You have already put a lot of time and effort into optimizing your always-on campaign. Finally, you have found the right target group, the right keywords, and the right message. The performance gotten better and better. And now that the holidays are approaching, you are face with an important choice. Are you going to use the always-on campaign for the holidays or are you going to set up a separate campaign?

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