What beginners can do is check out Sololearn, which is a good option next to Udemy. At Sololearn you also have a playground where you can practice with code, tips Frankwatching developer Ali Farhat. With some knowledge in your pocket, you as a marketer can better Italy Phone Number List estimate how much work an adjustment to the website is, for example. Dave gives an example: ‘We wanted to create a new login environment.

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I thought simply: people enter their details. The login details are forward and that’s it. I soon came back from that, because it turned out to be not so easy in the backend. Then I was really shaken awake: a small adjustment often involves a lot more than you think.’ Also, read The next step in HRM: bring 2 teams together & really put talent at the center 3.

Italy Phone Number List
Italy Phone Number List

Make sure that marketing and development can also work decoupled It is important that for simple things marketing does not depend on development. According to Flip, you solve this on the one hand by ensuring that marketers have some basic knowledge of development, such as HTML, CSS, or Javascript. With that knowledge, they can in most cases make changes to the front-end of a website themselves.

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