weather and commodity price swings. If commodity prices Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List drop below production costs, Kola says farmers receive a payment that makes them whole. In the same way, Babban Gona uses weather indexing to help deal with climate change. Kola Masha 40:56 Weather index insurance basically says if you are within a certain quadrant of land, say, this 10-kilometer by 10-kilometer area, and the satellite systems assess that rainfall Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List patterns in that area were either excessive or too low, it triggers a payment to you. Jonathan Levine 41:17 These insurance policies are only part of a whole quiver of tools that Babban Gona has deployed to reduce risks. Technology plays a big part. For example, the company developed Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List a satellite-based artificial intelligence system that’s been trained on more than 2 million images of maize fields taken over the last several years.

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It helps farmers and field officers monitor the health of crops, Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List so they can respond quickly to problems and optimize yields. Kola Masha 41:44 We’re using advanced image processing. If you’re able to take a picture of a farm, we can analyze that image and basically tell you multiple different parameters on the health and wellness of that farm—pests, soil health, weed pressure, etc., etc. Jonathan Levine 42:02 Why all of this matters, of course—the Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List insurance policies, the crop monitoring, the careful selection of Trust Group leaders—is to ensure farmers meet their production targets and earn enough from their crops to repay the loans from lenders. Kola Masha 42:17 It’s really that comprehensive package that has Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List enabled us, now going on a decade, to maintain a 99 percent repayment rate. Jonathan Levine 42:30 And that high repayment rate, in turn, helps raise more capital to support even more farmers.

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To make all this work, Babban Gona itself, as a for-profit company, Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List has to remain a bankable business for investors. But profitable only up to a point. Kola Masha 42:54 The priority is not to make money. The priority is to raise the debt you need to continue to grow and serve more members. That’s the focus. Jonathan Levine 43:03 As long as Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List Babban Gona meets minimal levels of profitability to satisfy investors’ requirements, he says, that’s all that matters. Kola estimates company revenues from this year’s harvest will total about $60 million dollars. That’s a four-fold increase from just two years ago, and the Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List company is just profitable enough to continue to grow. And if management ever tried to increase profits at the farmers.

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