Education: teachers or tutors who can easily access student or student information on their smartphones. Logistics: a simple overview of the order information and which items are where. Holiday park: occupancy overview or overview Chile Phone Number List of reservations. Technicians who need work instructions for a particular type of installation or equipment. And so on. It should be clear that all of these are not necessarily subjects in which a social intranet or digital workplace (in the narrow sense) can or should even play a role.

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To the employees themselves, these are the most important topics and they are pre-eminently about the digital work environment in its entirety. ‘Boring’ topics crucial for success In the past, in response to a BNR broadcast to which I contributed, I wrote that success factors for intranets, social platforms, and digital work environments are often not ‘social’ in nature: What helps the adoption of such platforms is a step-by-step improvement in internal services.

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Care: a nurse or home care worker who has direct access to a client file or to treatment protocols. Things that are now handled via a series of very diverse and often outdated applications that you can (or should) make easier for your employees. The question that lingers, of course, is ‘how then’?

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