People are there to do business Iraq Email List  whether it’s looking for a job, offering vacancies, making professional contacts, talking about the market, or building your reputation. The presence of companies in this network, therefore, must be aimed at strengthening their image in the market. In this context, published images are essential to build a positive, consistent and professional perception of the brand . On LinkedIn, you are free to publish images in the measurements you want, but it is interesting to use a standard size Iraq Email List which is suitable for viewing on both desktop and mobile. Iraq Email List  Posts that include a link have the images resized if they are not in the standard used by the platform, so it is important to follow the recommended dimensions. Now check out what the image sizes are for LinkedIn: Cover and LinkedIn profile Cover Image: 1536 x 768 px Profile Image: 300 x 300 px LinkedIn post Post with image: 1200 x 1200 px Post with link and image: 1200 x 627 px Size of images on LinkedIn LinkedIn also allows you to create Career Pages, which are pages aimed at attracting talent.

Check the image specifications for this type of page

Top Sizes of Images on YouTube Think Iraq Email List YouTube is all about videos? Anyone who has a channel on the world’s most popular video platform must also deal with images and the different sizes they require. On YouTube, you need to have cover, profile, and thumbnail images of videos. About the cover image, it’s important to know that the size can vary a lot depending on the user’s device Iraq Email List  (TV, desktop, tablet or smartphone).  Thumbnail no Youtube Thumbnail of videos: 1280 x 720 px Size of images on Youtube You can also check YouTube’s specs for the channel’s cover art and even download a template to produce your own. Top image sizes on Pinterest Like Instagram, Pinterest is also a totally visual-focused social network. Here, too, it’s important to delight users with beautiful, well-produced images Iraq Email List and, of course, with the right sizes. Pinterest posts are pretty free as to height.

If you access the platform

You will likely see several super-stretched pins, Iraq Email List  which are often infographics. It’s okay to do this, but the ratio we recommend below is the same as the platform recommends in order to provide a better user experience . It is also important to take care of the size of cover images. After all, they summarize what the dashboards include and help the user decide whether to click or not. So they also need to be well produced. Check out now which image sizes for Pinterest you should use: Pinterest profile Profile Image: Iraq Email List  Pins and Folder Covers on Pinterest Pin: 1000 x 1500 px (recommended) Folder cover: 200 x 200 px Size of images on Pinterest On this link, you can see Pinterest recommendations for platform images. Top image sizes on WhatsApp To know all sizes of images for social networks, we also need to go through WhatsApp Business . The messaging app has not only become popular for communication between people, but also for business Iraq Email List  marketing . They started to create groups and broadcast lists on the platform to communicate with the public, inform news and engage with interesting content. And it is clear that images play an important role in this communication , by conveying information and influencing people’s perception of the brand.

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