Cover and profile for Groups, Events and personal page on Facebook Cover Image: 851 x 315 px Cover image for Groups: 640 x 334 px Cover image for Events: Iran email list x 1080 px Profile Image: 180 x 180 px Posts on Facebook Post with image: 1200 x 1200 px Post with link and image: 1200 x 628 px Facebook Stories: 1080 x 1920 px Facebook Ads Single image ad: 400 x 500 px (minimum) Ad with link and image: 1080 x 1080 px (recommended) Advertisement Iran email list  with carousel: 1080 x 1080 px (recommended) Image Sizes on Facebook About ad formats, see all the specs in this Facebook Ads Guide . Top Image Sizes on Instagram The Instagram is a social network focused on visual content  Iran email list . A wrong choice in the production of images for this platform can significantly impact the engagement with the audience. On the other hand, if you do your best and get the sizes right, you will delight your followers!

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This is a golden tip for those who use Iran email list Instagram in companies . Initially, Instagram only offered square-format feed posts. Over time, the user could also publish in horizontal or vertical format or in stories. So the possibilities widened. In the dimensions shown Iran email list  below, we recommend measurements for the square, vertical, and horizontal formats of the feed. But you can use whatever height you want, as long as you are within the limits used by the platform. Also be aware that when a user visits your feed, they see images in square format. So, to organize the feed , keep an eye on what information Instagram will cut from posts in other formats. Check now all sizes of images for Instagram: Instagram profile Profile Image: 720 x 720 px Instagram posts Square feed image: 1080 x 1080 px Vertical feed image: Iran email list  px (maximum height) Horizontal feed image: 1080 x 566 px (minimum height) Instagram Stories Instagram Stories: 1080 x 1920 px (minimum 600 x Iran email list ) Size of images on Instagram About ad formats, you can check Instagram’s design requirements for ads in the feed and for ads in stories .

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Ultimate Instagram Marketing Kit Top image sizes on Twitter Iran email list  Anyone who thinks that Twitter has died is very wrong. The social network has a loyal audience, which likes to follow news in real time, know in advance what is happening in the world and be informed about trends. If Twitter was born as a social network of short texts, today images already assume a leading role in publications . Iran email list  Therefore, an image size guide for social networks cannot leave Twitter out. As with almost all social networks, on Twitter you also need to pay attention to the profile photo, cover image and feed images. While you can publish posts in whatever dimensions you like, we recommend the sizes and proportions below, which Twitter uses to display images on the timeline. This way, before the user expands the image, he can see it in its entirety. But if you don’t use these dimensions, make sure the most important information is visible before you expand it. Check out the size of the images for Twitter below: Twitter profile and cover Cover Image: 1500 x 500 px Profile Image: Iran email list  400 x 400 px Twitter post Post with image: 600 x 335 px (16:9) or 1200 x 1200 px (1:1) Post with link and image: 800 x 418 px (1.91:1) or 800 x 800 px (1:1) Size of images on Twitter Twitter also has specifications for ad formats, which you can check at this link .

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