Powered by Ion Rock Content What is classified as “recipe” Iceland Phone Number List? Revenue is everything that the company collects from sales. When calculating the ROI for a specific area or campaign, remember to only use the amount raised by the chosen segment. Iceland Phone Number List  For example, to calculate the return on investment of an e-commerce platform, the revenue amount should represent only sales for that channel and not for the store as a whole. What are the “costs”? Costs are all those expenses necessary to make the investment viable Iceland Phone Number List . In the case of the previous example, of the e-commerce platform, the costs are represented by the amount paid to use the platform, the website hosting price, investments in paid advertisements, internet, telephone and whatever else is necessary . How to evaluate your business results Iceland Phone Number List ? To better explain this metric, let’s analyze the fictitious case of the aforementioned online store.

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Let’s assume that the company, as a whole, has received BRL Iceland Phone Number List in sales and that BRL 25,000 came from the virtual store. To keep the site working, you need to spend, while the physical store needs . In this case, the ROI of our e-commerce would be: Iceland Phone Number List  calculate In other words, you would have gained  of return, that is, for every 1 real invested, you receive R$4.00 in profit. Meanwhile, the physical store ROI would be: ROI formula ROI Remember that the final result can vary a lot. It all depends on the action taken, the quality of planning, execution, among other details. The important thing is that with the ROI in hand, it is possible to analyze: What Iceland Phone Number List was done (or not done) that might have influenced this result. The concept of an email list marketing strategy is simple and easy to follow. Experienced online marketers know the code to Iceland Phone Number List  obtaining maximum income from the internet is to start a deliberate email list building blueprint.

Iceland Phone Number List

Is there any relationship between high return investments Iceland Phone Number List ? What do high ROI stocks have that it is possible to replicate in others? Do your campaigns have a similar return as my competitors? Does your company have better results than others Iceland Phone Number List  in the sector? In the example above, the result was positive, but the result can also be negative. In these cases, it means that the investment made the company lose money. While this is not good news, this information allows the company to investigate the problem and make necessary changes. Financial-Planning-for-Content-Marketing What are the ROI Limitations ? Although the calculation above seems Iceland Phone Number List the solution to all your doubts regarding your company’s investments and your marketing campaigns, know that it has limitations. For example, is a 5% ROI good or bad? It depends! And we explain why: ROI does not take into account the duration of the investment If we are talking about an ROI of Iceland Phone Number List  per day, this investment is wonderful.

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