Thus, the trend is to follow a path of continuous improvement. How should this management be done? So far, it’s pretty clear what content management is and why it’s so important,  panama email lists  Then we can go to the practical part. Let’s talk about the subject by addressing team management first and then content management. team management Here are 3 steps to manage your team effectively. 1. Assign responsibilities How many different roles are possible in a marketing industry? To better visualize this, see the infographic below. Source panama email lists : Consultancy . In this infographic, we can see 16 possible roles in a marketing department. We do not want to say that it is necessary to have 16 professionals on the team, each one performing one of these functions. First, we can conclude the following: there needs to be a leader overseeing panama email lists  the work of the team. Then define which of these roles are required.

Then they must be distributed among the team members.

In fact, some people are expected to accumulate panama email lists  multiple assignments. Naturally, the distribution of responsibilities that is in the infographic may not apply to your company’s reality. But some functions must be fulfilled: content planning; definition of the editorial calendar panama email lists ; redaction; revision; edition; image design and creation; content promotion. In this matter of roles, it is also necessary to take into account whether your company will hire freelancers to carry out certain steps, such as writing, reviewing and designing. In fact, this outsourcing is very common, according to this CMI chart: Outsourcing Content panama email lists  Marketing Activities in B2B Source: Content Marketing Institute . The larger a company, the greater the tendency to outsource content production, but companies of all sizes tend to outsource this. For it to work well, you need to appoint someone to manage the freelancers’ work . 2. Set the goals The goals will guide all the work.

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For example, is your company’s intention to increase panama email lists  website and blog traffic ? Increase engagement on social media? Increase your lead base? Leading leads to the purchase decision? Strengthen your authority in the market? Rebuild the company’s reputation? When talking about goals, this also includes the intention of each specific content. Is the target to get the visitor to download an  panama email lists ebook? Or is it making him follow the company on social media? Or leave a comment? This definition of objectives is essential for each content to play its role and the strategy to work. 3. Organize the activities Given the number of tasks required in a content strategy, it’s essential to rely on the technology and automate as much as possible . This starts by documenting the workflow , or workflow, panama email lists  making it clear who is responsible for each step. The Studio , which is free for up to five members of the team, is very handy in this sense, as it allows you to organize the workflow. As each person has a different assignment, the platform takes care of showing each member what needs to be done and when

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