on average Images are also extremely  Tonga Email List  important when it comes to design. With the average user spending around 6 seconds looking at the main website images, it’s extremely important that this image is professional and relevant. Images do a great job of grabbing the user’s attention, so there’s no point wasting this impact Tonga Email List by filling your page with an irrelevant stock image instead of something that could help you create a great first impression. Source: CXL 15. 83% of customers consider a seamless website experience on all devices to be very important Although many web designers get hung up on Tonga Email List designing sites for desktop viewing, internet users utilize a diverse range of devices from laptops and desktops to tablets and smartphones. If you really want your website

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to wow your customers, it’s important to ensure that Tonga Email List they have a seamless experience, whichever device they choose to use. 15 Seamless website experience Source: Visual.ly 16. Over 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices According to a statistic published by Statista, mobile devices made up for 54.8% of all web traffic Tonga Email List in the first quarter of 2021. Since 2017, more than 50% of all web traffic has come from mobile devices. Source: Statista 17. Website visits from mobiles made up for 61% of all visits to US websites in 2020 In the US, mobile browsing is even more popular, with over 60% of all Tonga Email List website visits coming from mobile devices like smartphones. These figures show just how important it is to optimize your site for mobile. 17 Majority of visits are from mobile users Source:

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