Here’s the deal: There Uzbekistan Email List are 4 components of any content based business. This applies to podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels, and all that good stuff. If these components aren’t in sync, it is the equivalent of trying to row up a waterfall with broken paddles. What are these components? Business Model Audience Content Uzbekistan Email List Marketing. BACM Framework – Blogging Wizard I have nicknamed this the BACM framework. Not the most interesting name but it works. The idea is that everything needs to flow. You start off figuring out your business goals and business model. Essentially, how will you Uzbekistan Email List make money? Then, you figure out your target audience, your content strategy, and how you will market that content. The problem is that when some bloggers start out,

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they will choose a business model that doesn’t fit Uzbekistan Email List with their audience, content, or marketing. A good example is a blogger that uses an ad network like Google AdSense to make money, but publishes reviews that are unlikely to gain much traffic. In this example, you would be much better off using affiliate marketing to monetize Uzbekistan Email List reviews, and use SEO as your primary marketing channel. Each part of your business must support each other. Everything needs to fit like a glove. Choose the best content strategy and marketing channels for your business model & target audience. But also Uzbekistan Email List remember that certain blog monetization methods will be quicker than others. For example, you’ll get paid quicker with freelancing whereas affiliate marketing is slower

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