mentions, story mentions and Swaziland Email List  media tags. The tag feature works in this tool as well, allowing you to create an internal organization system for messages. You and your team can also add internal conversations to individual messages. The Smart Inbox tool is also divided into different sections for private Swaziland Email List  messages, messages marked as complete and messages you’ve saved. Your team can also reply to messages. These will appear in the Reply Approvals section, which you can use to approve replies manually before they’re sent out. sprout social inbox custom view Custom views are also available for the inbox tool. You start by configuring the tool’s view filters by message source, message Swaziland Email List  type and tag. You can create a custom view for each configuration you make. Side note: Sprout Social made it onto our roundup of the best social media inbox tools. Social Listening

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With the Social Listening tool, you can set up views Swaziland Email List that enable you to monitor content posted on multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr and the web (blog posts, news articles, forum threads, etc.) for specific keywords and hashtags. You can even exclude Swaziland Email List keywords to clean up your results and include keyword variations to get more results. Filters for language, posts that only contain images and videos, location, and posts published by verified accounts also available. sprout social listening overview When you find a message that interests you, you can start a team conversation for it. Reports Sprout Social has reports for individual platforms that allow you to view metrics Swaziland Email List for post performance, audience growth, impressions and more, just as any social media management tool has. However, it also has quick-access buttons

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