Engagement with ad campaigns Colombia WhatsApp Number List at the platform has been growing year-over-year at a fee of round 35% which makes it an incredibly attractive choice for entrepreneurs and groups. Source: Twitter Agency Playbook Twitter publishing records Twitter is famous with a extensive variety of demographics, and trending Colombia WhatsApp Number List subjects on the platform regularly range wildly. Here are a few Twitter statistics that shed a few light on the kind of factors users were Tweeting about the previous few years. 31. At least 500 million Tweets are despatched each day If you were curious, that’s approximately 6,000 Tweets according to second, 350k a minute, or 200 billion according to 12 months. This statistics from internet live stats turned into Colombia WhatsApp Number List updated in 2013, but Twitter usage has possibly expanded drastically because then. In truth, as I’m writing this, over 650m Tweets have been

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despatched these days. At least 500 million Tweets Colombia WhatsApp Number List are despatched every day Source: Internet Live Stats 32. The top hashtag of 2020 turned into #COVID19 Of course, the maximum used hashtag of 2020 became #COVID19, which become tweeted nearly four hundred million instances if you encompass clo Colombia WhatsApp Number List se versions. Other popular hashtags this yr were also related to the pandemic, which include #StayHome which ranked third. #BlackLivesMatter changed into the second maximum tweeted hashtag of the yr. Source: Twitter 2020 Year in Review 33. There had Colombia WhatsApp Number List7,000 Tweets in line with minute about TV shows and films in 2020 Twitter is famous with TV and movie lovers, with over 7,000 Tweets per minute being posted about TV and Movies in 2020. Some of the most popular TV speakme points in 2020 have been Big Brother Brazil, Grey’s Anatomy, and of

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