the block for Post D, you’ll Morocco Phone Number List need to click that three-dot menu again, and select Convert to Regular Block. Heading block Headings help us break blog posts up into sections and those sections down into subsections. It’s not unlike the way newspaper and magazine articles have been broken down into Morocco Phone Number List different sections for ages. Web pages contain up to six headings: H1 through H6 or Heading 1 through Heading 6. The H1-H6 labels are HTML tags that represents a heading’s size and importance in SEO. Your theme uses H1, the largest and most important heading, for post Morocco Phone Number List titles, so you should use H2 for primary headings throughout your post and H3 for secondary headings. H4-H6 are less common, but you can use them when needed. If you’re having trouble finding the plus button again, place your cursor at the end of your last paragraph Morocco Phone Number List , and hit Enter. Then, use the button

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to add a Heading block to your post. wordpress block editor add heading block The H2 tag is selected by default. Click on it to select a different tag when you need to. wordpress block editor change heading tag Morocco Phone Number List The settings are the same for Paragraph tags, so we won’t bother going over them. Just know that your theme’s typography settings in the Customizer should also have global settings for headings. Image block Follow the same steps to add an Image block, but select Image this time. WordPress gives you three ways to upload images: Upload – Choose a file from your device to upload to WordPress. Morocco Phone Number List The file will be stored on your hosting server by default unless you set up an offload functionality for media files. Media Library – Choose an image from the WordPress media library. This library allows you to manage media files in WordPress. Morocco Phone Number ListVChoosing this

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