contributions to the conversations Laos Email List are compelling, your content may even get shared by high-profile influencers. When posting content relating to trends, be sure to use the hashtags that are associated with the topic so that your post can be easily found. 12. Pin comments to increase engagement Pinned comments are a Laos Email List little-known but extremely useful feature that can help you increase engagement on your posts. On each post, you can pin up to 3 comments so that they stay at the top of the comment feed. We recommend pinning comments from followers that are inspiring conversation or debate. Then, when new Laos Email List users see the post, they’ll immediately see the discussion on the pinned comment thread and be more likely to get

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involved. Increased engagement helps posts to Laos Email List reach more users on the platform and this can lead to an increase in followers. Another way you can use pinned comments is to pin your own comments as a way of extending your post caption. If you find that your followers find long captions to be more compelling than short ones, then using Laos Email List the pin feature in this way could also help to increase engagement on your posts. 13. Follow other accounts in your niche If you want to grow your Instagram following, it’s important to be an active user and engage with other creators and Instagram users. You can’t just sit back and Laos Email List wait for people to find your profile. You need to get involved in communities within your niche and connect with people

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