Email is a go-to for many French Guiana Email List marketers, but in the age of social media, some experts believe that it’s not the most effective way to reach out to customers and generate leads. According to an article published by Search Engine Journal, Facebook Messenger ads have been proven to be up to 80% more effective than those French Guiana Email List sent via email. Source: Search Engine Journal Facebook Messenger growth and trends statistics Facebook Messenger is a popular platform that is continuing to evolve and grow. Here are some Facebook Messenger statistics that will help you learn more about the growth of the French Guiana Email List app and uncover some current trends. 21. There’s been a 20% uptick in audio messaging on Facebook Messenger Messenger offers a range of way

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for users to share messages from text to French Guiana Email List video calling and more. One of the most popular in recent months has been audio messaging. Facebook reported that there has been an increase in the use of audio messaging on the platform of around 20%. As a result, Facebook has recently implemented some new features French Guiana Email List to make audio messaging easier. The new tap-to-record feature means you no longer need to hold down the mic to record audio. Source: Facebook News3 22. Privacy is becoming more important to Facebook Messenger users Facebook reports that over the last four years, more French Guiana Email List consumers have been choosing messaging apps that offer better privacy features across the world. The average internet user is becoming more aware of cybersecurity,

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