that your grid is well Kuwait Email List  organized, aesthetically pleasing, and representative of your brand. Instagram followers tip 8 – Instagram grid look Many Instagrammers spend a lot of time planning their grid so that all the images are consistent when it comes to color schemes and phototypes. Here are some examples of what we Kuwait Email List mean: The profiles above have gone above and beyond to ensure that their grids are consistent and appealing to users, and this is something every creator should aspire to when attempting to grow a following. However, if your content is more varied it may not be easy to keep your Kuwait Email List grid looking amazing all the time. As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid posting any unedited posts in a prominent position on your grid, and try to

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achieve some consistency and you should be good to Kuwait Email List go. 9. Make the most of captions Although the visual elements of a post are the main priority on Instagram, the written captions also play a big role in deciding how successful your posts will be. By making your captions lengthy and interesting you can encourage people to engage Kuwait Email List v more with your post, which will, in turn, lead to your post reaching more users. Some ways you can use your caption to increase engagement include: Asking questions – asking your followers questions encourages them to leave a comment. Ask people to tag a Kuwait Email List friend – Encouraging followers to tag a friend will increase engagement, and get your post shared with new users Use emojis – Using emojis can also

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