For most sites, the free version Kuwait Phone Number List might be enough but the premium version is pretty affordable. Plans start at $49/year but there’s also a $99/year plan that’d give you all the features you could possibly need from a testimonial plugin. You can get started just fine with the free version, but we’ll reference the premium plugin Kuwait Phone Number ListV throughout this tutorial when relevant. Step 2: Edit your testimonial form Strong Testimonials works in this way: you insert the plugin’s form on your site, and the plugin generates testimonials from the information collected from this form. There are other Kuwait Phone Number List ways to collect testimonials with this plugin, but we’ll get to that later. The plugin will then generate a shortcode to display your testimonials, which you can insert anywhere shortcodes are accepted in WordPress. Naturally, we’ll start by editing the plugin’s default form. Kuwait Phone Number List Go to Testimonials → Form. You’ll find the form editor

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on the left side and a preview on the right. The editor works in the same way menus and widgets work in WordPress, so the interface should be familiar. strong testimonials form Determine what Kuwait Phone Number List information you’d like to display in testimonials, then add and remove fields accordingly. You can also edit pre-existing fields, such as by assigning placeholder text to each one. If you upgrade to the Business tier of Strong Testimonials, you’ll have access to multiple Kuwait Phone Number List forms and advanced custom fields. Take a moment to switch over to the Settings tab for your form to customize the submit button and thank you message. Be sure to save your changes before continuing. Step 3: Add your form to your website Next, you need to generate Kuwait Phone Number List a shortcode to display your form. Go to Testimonials → Views → Add New. Give your view a descriptive name, such as “Primary Form,” and select Form as a mode.

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