and stay entertained. 69% of India Phone Number List  marketers increased their usage of visual content in 2019 Source: Content Marketing Institute 6. 62% of marketers used webinars in 2020 As a result of world affairs in 2020, many businesses were forced to look for new ways to operate, as in-person meetings and seminars India Phone Number List were often out of the question. As a result, webinars grew in popularity. Although webinars were already a popular feature in B2C marketing strategies, the strategy gained new momentum in 2020, with over 68% of marketers making use of them. Source: Wyzowl 7. Origina India Phone Number List l graphics such as illustrations and infographics are the most commonly used images within online content According to Venngage, original graphics are becoming more popular in content like blogs and social media posts. In previous years, many companies opted to use India Phone Number List stock images to reduce cost and improve

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time efficiency. However, as visual content grows in popularity and consumers become more accustomed to it, it’s important for businesses to create new and original illustrations and infographics India Phone Number List for their content. As a result, original graphics are used more regularly than any other type of graphic. Source: Venngage 8. 12.2 billion minutes of video were watched online in 2021 If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that people love video content. For many India Phone Number List people, internet usage revolves around consuming video content, whether that’s watching YouTube videos, TikTok’s, or Instagram reels. As a result, a whopping 12.2 billion minutes of video were watched online across the world in 2020. 12.2 billion minutes of video were watched India Phone Number List online in 2021 Source: HubSpot 9. This is a 17x increase since 2012 The rise of video content has also been a fairly recent phenomenon.

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