at cat memes or replying to messages Western Sahara Email List on Facebook. If you’re going to use them, only use buttons and only display them in your footer. “Not-so” social proof icons & badges – If you’re displaying any brand logos to establish trust with your readers, make sure they’re not something that anyone can display. For example Western Sahara Email List , displaying a badge for a blog directory isn’t going to help you, it’ll only help the blog directory. So, take some time out to work out what needs to be on your blog and what doesn’t. If it doesn’t help you or your readers – consider removing it. 2. Give your blog a fresh look Western Sahara Email List Blog design is incredibly important. Your template/theme has got to be modern with a focus on readability and speed. And, as your blog grows, you may find you’ve outgrown your current design.

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And if you aren’t constantly tinkering with your blog design like I am, the holidays are the ideal time to roll out an eye-catching design. Now, depending on which blog platform you use, you’ll have Western Sahara Email List different options available to you. If you use WordPress, there are an unfathomable amount of themes for bloggers. In terms of design aesthetic, I love StudioPress themes but they don’t offer much in the way of customisation. And while I typically go for premium Western Sahara Email List themes, there are some great free themes worth checking out. Just remember to manually go through your blog to check for any issues after you switch themes. 3. Find and fix broken links (404 errors) on your website Chances are that you’ve got a bunch of Western Sahara Email List broken links on your website,

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or some other technical errors that need addressing. This could be because the page you linked to no longer exists or you’ve changed the URL of a page on your own site. Regardless of the reason, Western Sahara Email List broken links are bad for user experience and they’re just as bad for search engines. So, you’ll need to find them and fix them. Let’s quickly go over how to do that: Finding broken links There are a bunch of ways to find broken links and there is a WordPress plugin you can use – but Western Sahara Email List I’d avoid it. The best approach is to use a site auditing tool that can crawl your entire website. Here are a few good options: SEO PowerSuite – Downloadable SEO software. Their Website Auditor is great at finding broken links Western Sahara Email List and even broken images. There is a limited free download

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