personal name, and main Cameroon Email List competitors. Then, make sure you’re getting email notifications and you’re good to go. The tool will do all the heavy lifting. But which social media listening tool should you choose? The right tool depends on your needs and budget. Here are a few solid options: Awario ($) – Purpose built for social media Cameroon Email List monitoring, Awario allows you to monitor the web and social media platforms for mentions. Create custom alerts, set-up email notifications, and more. SEMrush ($) – A great all-round marketing platform that offers a deep feature set spanning SEO, content marketing and social Cameroon Email List media. You can also use it to monitor brand mentions on the web. Social media tracking is available but only for specific profiles (e.g.

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your profiles or competitors profiles). Google Cameroon Email List Alerts (Free) – This tool uses Google Search to monitor the web for mentions as they come into Google’s index. While it is free, it’s rather limited and misses most mentions picked up by other tools on this list. What else can you do with social listening? You can get pretty creative with Cameroon Email List social listening: One of my clients ran a passport agency. He used social listening to find people in need of an express passport and generated a significant amount of revenue from Twitter using keyword and hashtag searches. You can also use social listening to find mentions Cameroon Email List of your brand on other blogs. If they didn’t link to your blog, you can reach out and ask them to include a link. Some of the best guest blogging

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