Keeps interest alive after release What if you’re reading this article after you’ve already launched your app? No problem, the marketing app is also useful for keeping the interest  South Korea Phone Number List alive after the initial downloads are done. Thinking that just because someone has downloaded your app will keep it for a long time is a big mistake. It is necessary to prove every day that the space on the user’s device is deserved, especially in the first days after downloading. Highlights the application from strong competition  South Korea Phone Number List Well-done in-app marketing is about standing out from what’s already out there in order to escape the ocean of equal (sometimes almost identical!) options that exists in today’s mobile app market. This ranges from choosing which icon users will see every day to how to promote the app across different channels . Contributes to user retention It’s worth noting that successful marketing isn’t just responsible for getting South Korea Phone Number List  people to download your app and use it once or twice.

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On the contrary, when this is the case, South Korea Phone Number List you can be sure that something is missing from your marketing planning or execution. A quality marketing app also helps keep users active for a long time . What is involved in successful marketing app? Before diving into your app’s promotion, let’s take a step back South Korea Phone Number List  and think through some of the elements that go into this. This exercise will make it easier for you to make the best decisions and act for the right reasons, which greatly increases the chances that your plan will work. Simply put, a well-done marketing app, the one that generates downloads South Korea Phone Number List  and promotes real app adoption by users, requires: Know the users’ minds Do you know how people often use mobile apps in the market where your company operates? This question is crucial because it can reveal a lot about the types of actions that will be needed to get results. South Korea Phone Number List  For example, according to a Google study , 38% of users uninstall an app soon after using it to complete a specific task .

South Korea Phone Number List

Doesn’t knowing this heighten your attention to the kind South Korea Phone Number List  of value you need to constantly generate to keep users engaged? Understand how app stores work When it comes to the ranking of apps in Apple and Google stores, responsible for the two main operating systems of mobile devices today, a lot has changed. For example, while Google’s Play Store gives you up South Korea Phone Number List  to 4000 characters to describe your app and convince audiences, Apple’s App Store works through a keyword system. Understanding this kind of difference is vital for your app to be able to rank well in the searches of these two stores. After all, according to the same report mentioned South Korea Phone Number List  in the previous topic, 1 in 4 users download an app based on surveys made in stores . Follow consistent methods As with any self-respecting marketing strategy, you need to follow consistent methods to get results like in-app marketing.

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