content and focus most of my Chile Email List time on this single task – content creation. The best part? In January and February I usually have twice as much time to devote to marketing my business and my content. Try doing the same – it’s such a satisfying feeling to take time off over the holiday’s knowing the first few months of content is already Chile Email List scheduled. Maybe you’ll split that extra time between content promotion and product creation, or another task on this list (remember: all of these tasks can be done at anytime in the year.) So, get some content written up, and schedule it for publication in the new year. The Chile Email List more, the better. 15. Put systems in place to support the growth of your blog As bloggers, we have to wear many different hats.

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One moment we’re a social media manager. The Chile Email List next, we’re a content writer, SEO, content promoter, editor, or something else. The list goes on. Now, let me ask you this: Do you have a documented process for each of these tasks? If not, it’s well worth doing. Processes help us to save time, maintain focus and give us the ability to Chile Email List scale. A good example is blog post promotion. I have a checklist that I run through whenever I publish a new post. Well, it’s more of an editing/promo hybrid checklist so it includes everything I need to do before and after publishing a post. And here’s the thing: Not everyone’s Chile Email List process will be the same. It’s critical to identify what’s important to you and your blog. Specifically where promotion is concerned, there will be

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