right corner of your store: Floating Portuguese Timor Email List language switcher However, you have the option to move the floating language switcher to a different spot or use a different approach: Menu item – you add a language switcher to your store’s navigation menu; Shortcode – you can manually place your language switcher anywhere on Portuguese Timor Email List your site using a shortcode. You’ll also be able to configure the content of your language switcher. For example, you can choose whether to show the full country name or the two-letter language code. Or, you can choose whether or not to show a country flag Portuguese Timor Email List along with the language. To configure your language switcher settings, go to Settings → TranslatePress and scroll down to the Language Switcher settings in the General tab: Configure language switcher How to add a WooCommerce language switcher to your menu If youPortuguese Timor Email List want to add a language switcher

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to your store’s menu, you’ll first want to configure its basic settings in the Language Switcher settings area that we detailed above. Then, head to the regular WordPress menu management area t Portuguese Timor Email List o add your language switcher (Appearance → Menus): Select the navigation menu to which you want to add your language switcher; Locate the Language Switcher option in the Add menu items sidebar; Add the Current Language menu item as a new top-level menu vPortuguese Timor Email List . Or, if you only have two languages, you can also add the Opposite Language menu item, which will show the opposite language from the one that the user is currently browsing in; Add each individual language as a sub-menu item of the Current Language parentPortuguese Timor Email List menu item. This will let visitors hover over the menu item to choose a specific language. If you use the Opposite Language menu item, you might

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