labelled “Add Title.” This doesn’t Luxembourg Phone Number List need to be the actual title you want to use, yet. You can use a working title until you’re ready to publish the post. Adding a title now will simply help you recognize the draft when you view your All Posts list. Just know that the title you put here will represent the title your Luxembourg Phone Number List post has on your website and when it gets shared on social media. Click Save Draft next. This is a link located in the top-right menu of the editor. Alternatively, hit Ctrl/Cmd+S on your keyboard. The WordPress editor has an autosave functionality built in, but saving Luxembourg Phone Number List manually every now and then eliminates the risk of losing your draft if you suddenly lose power or your connection to the internet. wordpress block editor add title If you want to see what your post looks like on the frontend even without publishing it, click the Preview link, then select Preview in New Tab. Note: As

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soon you hit the Publish button, your post will Luxembourg Phone Number List be live for everyone who visits your site to see. This is why it’s better to hit Save Draft to keep it offline for now. wordpress block editor preview draft This allows you to see how your post looks with your theme’s style. kadence blog post preview Using the Gutenberg Luxembourg Phone Number List block library Any post or page you create with WordPress’ block editor is made up of content blocks. This means if your post has two paragraphs, then a heading and finally an image, you actually have two Paragraph blocks, a Heading block and an Image block. WordPress has a few dozen blocks by default, but you can expand your library with plugins. Some third-party themes and plugins even Luxembourg Phone Number List come with their own blocks. Let’s stick with WordPress’ default blocks for now. Start by clicking where it says Start Writing. This creates a Paragraph block automatically, and

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