available that may be enough for your Bolivia Email List  needs. SEMrush – An all-in-one SEO platform that comes with a site auditor that can check for broken links. They also offer a free trial and offer competitor research, keyword research, rank tracking, brand monitoring, and many other features as well as the site auditor. Fix broken links Depending Bolivia Email List on the type of broken link, you’ll have different actions to take. External links – These are links pointing to other websites, where pages or entire websites are no longer accessible. Simply switch these out for a relevant link that’s accessible, or remove them Bolivia Email List if necessary. Internal links – You may be able to get away with simply updating the link to the new URL, but best practice is to add a 301 redirect to ensure

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visitors and search engines can always find their way Bolivia Email List to the new link. For example, if you change permalink structures or a blog post URL, you’ll need to add a redirect. Exactly how depends on the platform you use. For WordPress, check out our guide to using 301 redirects. 4. Run a content audit to improve content performance Right Bolivia Email List now, you’ve likely got a number of blog posts on your site that are not performing. When content doesn’t perform, it can present in different ways: Content gets a spike of traffic then quickly flatlines. The content ranks and gets substantial traffic for a time, then traffic drops off due Bolivia Email List to a search engine algo update. Something in the post has broken which leads to your goals not being met (e.g. broken opt-in form, affiliate link,

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or something of that nature.) Your content could simply Bolivia Email List generate more revenue or subscribers than it already does. The content never gained traction – neither from a traffic or monetization standpoint. So, the objective behind a content audit is to take underperforming content and make it perform. This requires several steps: Weed out Bolivia Email List underperforming content – Look at traffic for the past month and compare it to the same month last year. Typically content audits will mostly focus on search engine traffic. Also look at how well the content has performed in terms of shares, backlinks, and revenue. (This is time-consuming Bolivia Email List so you may want to automate this with a tool. I’ll explain how in a moment.) Identify why content isn’t performing –

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