in one of two ways. The first is posting UAE Email List  the same content to every platform. With this method, the brand will likely publish a blog post, then use the text of that post as a script for a video. They’ll then publish that video to YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The main reason this method can be ineffective is the lack of variety across each UAE Email List platform. Your readers may also subscribe to you on YouTube and follow you on Instagram. If they see your video on YouTube, they aren’t likely to read the blog post version when you promote it through social media or your email list, and vice versa. This will lead to fewer views and page UAE Email List visits, which will then lead to fewer shares. The second reason this method is an issue is the same reason the second method is an issue, and that

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method is posting varied yet generic UAE Email List content to every platform. Every type of content has its strengths and weaknesses, and every platform has its own needs in terms of optimization. You can’t expect a blog post you publish on your blog to perform the same way on Medium. You also shouldn’t expect a viral, one-minute TikTok clip to be a UAE Email List hit on Instagram. If you’re going to create different types of content for your brand, do it right. Read a variety of different blogs, subscribe to different YouTube channels and listen to a few podcasts. Study them, learn why these particular creators are popular, and pinpoint what you UAE Email List like and don’t like about their content. This research will help you plan and create better, more optimized content going forward. We’re going to hone in

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