nations round the arena. Source: Twitter Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List Global Impact Report 2020 Twitter consumer demographics Next, let’s check a few Twitter user facts. The stats beneath tell us extra approximately who the human beings using Twitter are. 7. 38.Five% of Twitter users are age 25 to 34 If we study the global Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number Listdistribution of Twitter users by way of age, it’s clear that it’s a platform preferred by way of Millenials. 38.Five% of customers are between the a long time of 25 and 34 while a in addition 20.7% are age 35 to 49. This manner the majority of Twitter’s co Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List nsumer base is inside the 25 to 49 age variety. 38.Five% of Twitter users are age 25 to 34 Source: Statista3 8. Forty two% of Twitter customers have a university diploma or above The average Twitter user is more well-knowledgeable than the national average. Only 31% of all Americans are college graduates, as compared to 42%

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Twitter customers. Forty two% of Twitter users have a college degree or above Source: Pew Research Center2 nine. 41% of Twitter users earn $seventy five,000+ in keeping with yr Not only are Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List Twitter customers more well-knowledgeable, however additionally they tend to earn greater. Forty one% of customers earn over 75k per year but simplest 32% of American adults can say the same. Source: Pew Research Center2 10. The US Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List has extra Twitter customers than another usa There are more or less 73 million Twitter users inside the US. Japan is available in second area, with fifty five.55 million customers, India 0.33 at 22.1 million, and the UK fourth at 17.55 million. What’s exciting approximately this is that, if we compare the wide variety of Twitter customers in each u . S . A . To the entire populace of that u . S . A ., it shows Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List Twitter has relatively plenty more market

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