For that, Google tries to understand if the pages are informative, Albania Phone Number List trustworthy and of quality . The analysis of website and page elements, the links you receive from other websites and the signs of the user experience are crucial for this. These factors are still  Albania Phone Number List given different weights depending on the intent of the search . The age of content creation, for example, is a much more relevant factor for searches for current news than for queries about the meaning of a word. Additionally, Google displays custom SERPs. This means that a site that appears first to one user may not appear to another , because ranking is influenced by each person’s location, search history, Albania Phone Number List  and search settings. After all this process, Google makes sure that the results and the order they are displayed are relevant to the user. But to be sure of that, the search engine runs a series Albania Phone Number List  of automated tests and still has thousands of external evaluators around the world, who manually monitor and judge the quality of search results.

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While crawling and indexing are Albania Phone Number List  essential, ranking is the focus of SEO. After all, no one just wants to be crawled or indexed—the SEO’s intention is to reach the top positions in the rankings! For this reason, there are several surveys and studies, such as those carried out by Moz Albania Phone Number List  . They analyze, in practice, the effects of a given optimization action on positioning. Website speed, responsive design, usability, quality of backlinks, SERP click-through rate and time spent on the page are some likely ranking factors identified in the studies. In addition to these analyses, some statements by Google and its employees also help decipher the ranking factors. This is the case of Albania Phone Number List  Google channels and Google Webmasters on YouTube, full of guidelines and tips about the search engine. A Google document that should be a guide for SEO professionals is the Search Quality Rater Guidelines .

Albania Phone Number List

This document provides Google’s guidelines for  Albania Phone Number List evaluating the quality of search results by external evaluators, which we mentioned earlier. So, they also serve as benchmarks for optimization strategies, as they show Google’s criteria to say what a quality page is . Albania Phone Number List Helpful Answers Until a few years ago, Google’s search engines did their job in this cycle of crawling, indexing, and ranking. However, in 2012, the search engine started a movement that changed the way the search results were displayed , which would add a new stage Albania Phone Number List  in this process. That year, the Knowledge Graph , or Knowledge Map , was launched . It’s a large database of facts and connections that allows the searcher to deliver ready-made answers to users when they ask questions like “Who was Marie Curie?” or “When was Leonardo da Vinci born?”.

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