We look for what we want in life: to be carefree, to live a nice life in a better world, to be of meaning to others. The attention for social themes is increasing and society is becoming more and more ‘woke’. People are alert to what is going on Sweden Phone Number List in society. This trend has been visible for some time but is taking the wind behind the wheel due to the corona crisis.

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This affects human behavior and consumer behavior. Every day we see wonderful examples of citizens and companies who often help each other selflessly. By the way, this does not mean the end of market capitalism or neoliberalism, because old patterns and reflexes are persistent. During the corona crisis, many parties were busy taking advantage of the situation that had arisen. Think of the much-discussed Sywert van Lienden who earned millions of euros with his dubious mouth cap deal.

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Sustainable and social Now that the current economy, which is based on infinite growth, is becoming increasingly untenable. Due to climate change, international conflict, and social discontent, another school of economics is gaining ground. The post-growth economy. British economist Kate Raworth calls it the ‘ donut economy ‘. No longer an economy that is addi to growth and fossil fuels and in which. The egoistic ‘homo economics is central. But a form of sustainable and social economy in which human well-being, social connection, and a flourishing nature go hand in hand.


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