Hence, the supply and demand for sustainable products continue to rise, as does the number of consumers willing to pay extra for more sustainability. Children run across a lawn, with modern windmills in the background. Doing Algeria Phone Number List good counts More and more people, having arrived in the highest regions of Maslow’s pyramid of needs, want to ‘do good. Strong brands are therefore increasingly meaningful brands, based on a higher purpose, with an appealing brand ideal ( brand ideal.

About Such and shared values

Will the government have enough money left over for the energy transition? Due to the corona crisis and sharply rising prices (inflation), many citizens and companies will be short of cash for a long time. They are probably unable to invest enough in new climate measures, which, for example, causes the production processes, homes and transport to become more sustainable. Will it be a climate acceleration or deceleration?

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For example, the largest political party in the Netherlands (VVD) is increasing. The difference between the highest and lowest incomes in its election program. According to a calculation by the Central Planning Bureau. The number of millionaires is growing rapidly, as is the number of people. In middle and lower-income groups who are struggling to make ends meet. 13. Future Scanning Exploring the future Could we have foreseen the corona crisis with its enormous impact? Yes, maybe.


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