Hey, but we are social animals! Indeed. So we go again en masse in long traffic jams to the office, school, the doctor and the city. In the coming years, it will be a matter of looking for a good balance between online and offline, in which hybrid business Spain Phone Number List models and the platform business model are increasingly the starting point. 6. Think global, act local Global Challenges The discussion about globalization continues. The corona crisis makes it clear that this subject.

 More Online has 2 sides

On the one hand, the global challenges in the areas of public health (pandemic), security (west-east), climate change, labor migration, poverty reduction, and income and wealth distributions. These kinds of issues can only be solved through international cooperation on a European and global scale. Economic issues, On the other hand, various economic issues play a role.

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Such as the dependence on foreign governments and manufacturers, complex and vulnerable. Production and logistics chains, the need for (cheap) migrant workers to keep the economy going. The acceptance of opaque free trade agreements, and the always lurking protectionist measures by governments. Cargo ships pass each other. Reshoring is becoming popular Companies that depend on suppliers from China, the US and all those other countries suddenly realize how vulnerable they are.  or problems keeping production up to standard.

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