Digital networks offer the opportunity to quickly link parties together and to develop new products. No Longer services, customer groups, or markets. For example via knowledge portals, co-creation networks, or the platform business model. It is not without reason that digital transformation is top of the list of priorities for many directors, directors, and Bahamas Phone Number List managers. Look ahead and reason back Past performance is no guarantee for the future. That is why more and more organizations are exchanging their traditional annual planning cycle.

No Longer for a ‘ rolling strategy

A continuous strategy process in which determining and executing the strategy go hand in hand. The essence of rolling strategy is as follows: you look a number of years ahead (vision and ambitions) and reason back to now (current situation). You then determine what you want to achieve in the short and slightly longer term and what you need to do to achieve this: those are the strategic spearheads. In one sentence, this approach boils down to: ‘Look ahead and reason back.

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Bahamas Phone Number List

15. Connecting Leadership Binding factor In addition to a vision that gives citizens hope and courage. There is a particular need at all levels in society and business for connecting leadership, sometimes also referred to as new or servant leadership. That is leadership that does not polarize but connects people and worlds. Think of Jacinda Ardern (premier of New Zealand and renowned for her corona approach), Barack Obama ( yes we can ), Jos de Blok of Buurtzorg, or Coolblue’s Pieter Zwart (anything for a smile).

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