The growing desire for parties and getting together with friends and family is certainly also related to the corona crisis. In addition, consumers in Georgia Phone Number List the survey indicate that they know what they want and also like to receive the gifts they put on their wish list. One in three younger respondents indicates that influencers are one of the biggest sources of gift inspiration.

Influencer influence By Lockdowns

Influencers certainly have an influence on our party shopping, but that mainly applies to the younger target groups. 34% of these young people suffer from FOMO ( fear of missing out ) when it comes to popular products or hypes. But there is also a lack of trust and even mistrust of influencers. And this also applies to the younger target groups.

Georgia Phone Number List
Georgia Phone Number List

Influencers are generally seen as vain and annoying. Despite these ‘negative’ feelings about influencers, one in three marketers indicate that they regularly partner with influencers for the upcoming holidays. Fun fact: one in 3 young people says they want to be an influencer. One in four think they already are. Where (and how much) do we go shopping?

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