If your business is past the stage  of learning how to create a blog  Singapore Email List, you know that it is important to publish content to attract visitors that, eventually, can be converted into customers. This strategy can be divided into two categories: organic traffic and paid traffic. Singapore Email List organic traffic It is the one in which the company does not need to make a direct investment for the content to reach the reader. In other words, the blog visitor searches for a keyword and arrives at the content, which is well ranked in Google’s search results. The user may also have clicked on your link that was shared by someone else or suggested in other text. Google results page paid traffic In the case of paid traffic, it is earned with an additional investment by the company so that its content is highlighted on social networks Singapore Email List , websites and search engines that its target audience frequents. Among the options to drive paid traffic, we have Google Adwords , Facebook Ads and the promoted post.

Building an Email List: 5 Crucial Ways to Ensure Success

Google search with ad list It’s important Singapore Email List  to understand that both types of traffic are valuable to the business. Organic does not generate additional costs for the company and is a reflection of a genuine engagement with the content. On the other hand, paid traffic increases the reach and visibility of the post, that is, it makes that post be presented to a greater number Singapore Email List  of users in search engines and social networks. The two can be combined or not, but the important thing is to understand that increasing blog visits will allow your goal to be reached more efficiently, either by gaining notoriety in the market or by generating new business. Why is it important to increase blog visits? The volume of hits and the engagement of visitors with the content little by little make it conquer the top positions in search engines, increasing the probability of new viewing clicks. Backlinko’s 2017 survey of over  Singapore Email List million Google search results showed that the top spot receives  of all user clicks .

Tips You Must Know for Building a Responsive Email List

In addition, the sum of the first three Singapore Email List results corresponds to a total of 75.1% of accesses. Considering that the number of hits is a factor that search engine and social network algorithms use to determine the quality and rank of content, it is worth investing in strategies that increase visits to blogs. Of course, that’s not the only parameter. Interactions with the content, the length of time the visitor spent on the page, among other factors Singapore Email List , also influence the assessment. But the starting factor is the views. So, how to increase them? What are the 9 best ways to increase blog visits in 2021? To know how to increase visits to your company’s blog, there must be two main points in the strategy: the quality of posts and the optimization of Content Singapore Email List  Marketing for search engines. 1. Use the right keywords Within the purchase decision process of customers, there is a fundamental stage of research. In addition to asking for referrals from other buyers and considering the opinion of experts and influencers, they also do their own research. Considering this Singapore Email List , knowing the keywords that users use to search for information and create content with them to clarify their doubts and talk about the company’s differentials will attract them and provide them with information favorable to the business.

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