Keen is a Google app that was created by Area Saint kitts and nevis email lists , a division of the company responsible for developing new ideas. Launched in June 2020, the application allows you to assemble collections containing links, images, articles, videos, web searches and Saint kitts and nevis email lists  other media. Anyone familiar with Pinterest soon notices the similarities between the two networks. In fact, he was an inspiration to Keen’s developers. In both, you can create collections that, in the case of the Google app, are called keens . Thus, it is possible to organize the  Saint kitts and nevis email lists contents that you find interesting. Do you like music, astronomy, series, books and minimalism? Create a keen for each of these categories and start building your content collection. Saint kitts and nevis email lists  Keen App Example Source: SocialMediaToday How does this app work? To start exploring the possibilities of Keen, the first thing to do is download it from the Play Store . Also, it is important to remember that it is only available for Android , after all, it is a new app and is in the experimental phase.

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But it’s reasonable to expect that, over time, it will be available on other platforms. After installing and opening Keen, you will need to log in with a Google account. Saint kitts and nevis email lists  Then the app gives you some initial tips and suggests creating your first keen. Keens To create a keen, just tap the round button with the “+” symbol at the top of the screen. Then enter the name of the Saint kitts and nevis email lists  collection. New Keen Here comes the interesting part: you can enter keywords, or search terms, that the app should search for you on the web. He even gives some suggestions to make your life easier. Sample post on Keen App Then choose the image that will identify your keen, add a description, mark your Saint kitts and nevis email lists  collection as private, shared or public, and let us know if you want to receive updates by email twice a week.

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Upload post to Keen App You might remember that Saint kitts and nevis email lists on Pinterest, to save a post, just click “Pin”. Here at Keen, the corresponding function is a diamond icon. Tap it to add the content to one of your keens. Plus, you can follow other users’ Saint kitts and nevis email lists  collections and keep track of everything they add. And just like on Pinterest, you can add other people as contributors to your keens so they can contribute by adding posts. feed Keen’s feed does something reminiscent of how Google Discover works , indicating content you’re sure to enjoy. After all, the new app is based on searches—or web searches—that are defined when creating collections. Saint kitts and nevis email lists  The feed’s algorithm also takes into account what’s already saved in your profile,

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