Sue Urahn: I would say as a consumer of data during the Estonia Email List pandemic, I was fascinated to be on Twitter and watch the scientific research on COVID being done in real time. Just absolutely astonishing, watching the data be debated by some of the leading epidemiologists in the world as they were all on Twitter, and then they would move on to something Estonia Email List lse within a period of hours. So, it is a different of an environment right now to get research out and to reach people in a thoughtful way. Dan LeDuc: So, we’re in an era in which there are what we now call “alternate facts.” That’s one label, and then there is flat-out Estonia Email List misinformation that we’re seeing throughout the digital space that has clearly influenced public opinion.

What to Look Out For When Retiring to Cyprus

How do you, leading institutions that are fact-based, deal Estonia Email List with that? Sarah Rosen Wartell: I’d like to have to defend our facts more. I think that in this polarized environment, people don’t say your number’s wrong, my number’s right. They describe why the source is not a trustworthy source or has some preconceived bias. Sue Urahn: It’s a really hard question, right? I think we continue to do what we do. We put out data that is as solid as we can make it. We Estonia Email List make it as accessible as we can make it, and I think we acknowledge that there will always be some people that we cannot reach with that data, that will simply disagree and so fundamentally that they won’t listen, they won’t look, they won’t take it in. So, we try to focus on those folks who are willing Estonia Email List to have a conversation, to look at the data. I think you see that, folks have seen that, in the vaccine hesitancy conversations.


The Experience of British in Australia

Dan LeDuc: I want to go back to something Sarah mentioned a Estonia Email List moment ago about transparency in how you do research and the very notion of who’s asking the questions, who’s creating the questions, who are the researchers. That gets often back to the notion of diversity, equity, and inclusion, which is also one of the more visible crosscurrents in society over the last two years with the racial reckoning we’ve been through. Sarah Rosen Wartell: I think Estonia Email List moments like all of us having the shared experience of watching George Floyd’s murder over and over and over again are galvanized, but they don’t galvanize something that was not already in the ecosystem. And it’s time to contend with the fact that our lived experience, even in organizations Estonia Email List that purport to share values of diversity, equity, and inclusion—our lived experience in those institutions, and in the broader society, is filled.

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