Social networks have allowed an Lithuania Email List incredible approach between companies and customers. Through them, people can interact with their favorite brands to clarify doubts, solve problems and, of course, close deals. If your business uses Facebook and Instagram to build relationships with customers, you’ve probably already realized how essential it is to communicate with them in the way they prefer Lithuania Email List . This makes us think about the need to do WhatsApp marketing , as this app is used by an astonishing two billion people . To do this in a professional way, nothing better than using the appropriate version of the application, WhatsApp Business . Do you want to master its functions and make the most of it to strengthen your company’s marketing ? So, read on, because in this super-complete guide we’ll cover the following topics: What is WhatsApp Business? What types of business accounts are there on WhatsApp? Lithuania Email List  How does the tool work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp Business?

What is WhatsApp Business API

How to download WhatsApp Business Lithuania Email List  How to use WhatsApp for companies? How to edit business profile on WhatsApp Business? How to use tags in WhatsApp Business? How to use quick answers feature in WhatsApp Business? How to access mail flow statistics? How to achieve maximum results with the tool? Check out 9 tips! What is WhatsApp Business? WhatsApp Business is the commercial version of the messaging app , aimed at small businesses that want to communicate with the public more closely Lithuania Email List . It offers useful business features such as metrics analysis, quick responses, and product catalog. With it, you can offer personalized support and automate the sending of messages in a segmented way, using the transmission lists for this purpose. Quick responses also make communication with customers much easier. All this without counting the advantage of separating the personal profile from the professional, which helps to create an official presence of the company on the platform. What types of business accounts are there on Lithuania Email List  WhatsApp? In WhatsApp Business, there are classifications “business account” and “official business account” .

The first is the case for any company that starts using the application

The second is also known as a verified account. Lithuania Email List WhatsApp explains that companies cannot request or pay to have this official account. In fact, the platform considers several criteria to assign this check, including whether the company is known. WhatsApp also reinforces the importance of correctly filling out the profile to provide the public with as much information as possible . Lithuania Email List  Among this information, we can cite the website , the opening hours and the address. When an account is verified and made official, it earns a badge that can be viewed by the customer on the chat screen and in the company’s contact information. WhatsApp business account example How does the tool work? With WhatsApp Business, you can communicate with the customer as if you were using the traditional version of the app. However, the commercial version offers features aimed at companies, so that they can offer a fast and quality service Lithuania Email List  . Let’s take a look at the main features that WhatsApp Business offers.

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